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The best Serbian study plan for self-learners

The Best Study Plan for Learning Serbian Language as a Self-Learner

Why you need a study plan for learning Serbian language as a self-searner?

A good study plan for learning Serbian language as a self-learner can help you get the best results out of your hard work. It’s important to say that having a dream is one thing and having a goal is another. A dream simply requires a desire. A goal requires a plan. Learning the Serbian language, or any language for that matter is about consistency, resilience, determination, strategic planning, and the constant infusion of joy.


That’s right, joy is as important a part of goal attainment as anything else! And where does joy come from? One word: Progress!

Learning Online & Self-Learning

The good news is that given the times we live in you no longer need to travel to a brick-and-mortar building and sit in classes. In fact, this can be quite time consuming and expensive in addition to the fact that much of what you might learn or be exposed to might be in conflict with how you actually learn. It may also require you to participate in group classes that struggle to provide the individualized attention and support you need.

A Swedish University (Linkoping University) released an article expressing why self-learning is the best learning and they are making enhancements to provide students with more self-learning experiences. Wow! Even universities are having to acknowledge the fact that learning is very much an individual pursuit. The key is providing support and resources to fuel the pursuit. At Serbian Language Podcast, that is exactly what we are doing.


We want to empower you to power your Serbian language learning journey forward, and we are here to support you every step of the way by assembling for you everything you need to reach your goal of speaking Serbian at SerbianLanguagePodcast.com. And it’s a great goal to have!

Watch this video!

Set your goal – This is key

Why do you want to learn Serbian? How far would you like to go? We highly recommend easing yourself into the language with the end goal of fluency in mind. Why? Because “why not?”! If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon that’s still pretty good. Go for gold! And the best part is, you can absolutely do it. Any barriers you think you may have in reaching your goal of fluency in the Serbian language are only in your mind, not your abilities.

Calendar your study time

You will often hear the expression “work-life balance” or “time management strategies”. These terms, while informative, are actually incomplete. You can’t balance work and life and you can’t manage time. What you can do is integrate work and life as well as integrate your goals that exist outside of what you do to pay the bills.

Additionally, you can’t manage time. The clock will tick without your sayso. What you can do is manage your activities. This is the key to calendaring your study time. It’s all about activity management. Do you know how you spend your time? If you are not using a calendar you likely do not. Set up a calendar and start calendaring your time to study Serbian.

We recommend starting with 10-20 minutes a day. Trust me, you have 20 minutes a day to study Serbian but you have to MAKE the time for it or the clock will tick away with total disregard for your goals. Don’t wait too long to take action, start calendaring your study time as soon as you finish reading this article while the idea is still fresh in your mind.

I made this video where I talk about my Serbian language learning process:

Work on the hard parts first and the easy parts second

Whatever is challenging for you, do that first. This way as your mind and attention span start to fatigue you can reward yourself with easier activities towards the end of your study time. Where to start? It depends on your goal, but here is what we recommend:

At the Serbian Language Podcast, you can Sign Up for The Ultimate Serbian Online Course and start with our Beginner Dialogue Series to warm your mind up to the Serbian language. In the Beginner Dialogue Series, you will learn how to have basic everyday conversations in both formal and informal Serbian. Review these for a few minutes.

From here transition into our Lesson Videos where we will take you on the fun-filled journey of learning the “why” behind Serbian Grammar. The Lesson Videos will take you from absolute beginner to advanced and are sequential, meaning you can study them in order and improve your Serbian one video at a time. We went to great lengths to make the lesson videos fun, simple, and progressive.

And don’t forget to do your homework/practice exercises (with our Downloadable Study Guides) after watching each video. Our downloadable study guides will help you internalize what you are learning and help you see where you are at in your comprehension. If you are having difficulty with the exercises then please watch the video again and identify where your area of growth is.  Then try the exercises in the study guides again. You will be happy to know that we have made a downloadable study guide for all of our lesson videos (more than 100!) to ensure you have ample opportunities to practice and apply what you are learning.

Watch one lesson video per day to start. Lesson videos are typically around 10 minutes long. And “voila!” you have studied Serbian for 20 minutes. How cool is that?!

When you are taking a break from learning, watch one of our Serbian Vlogs and read along with the aid of our English and Serbian subtitles.

Get back on track when life happens

We all know that life happens and can cause us to lose site of our goals. If you go a day or two without studying don’t beat yourself up. It means you are human, and that’s okay. Trust me. But don’t linger in the “no study zone” for too long. In fact, after you miss a day you need to look at your calendar and ensure that the following you day you don’t miss your study time. This will keep you motivated, relaxed, driven, and on the road to progress…which will bring you joy!


Motivation is key, but motivation will only come through action. As people, we often think we need the motivation to do something. This is incomplete. What we really need is the discipline to take the first step. The motivation to continue comes AFTER the first step has been taken. Remember this for your language learning journey and apply the lessons you are learning from studying Serbian to your life.

Language Learning & Life

And this is the best part: language learning is not just about what you do to acquire language skills. It’s about who you have to become as a person to position yourself towards the achievement of your goals. This is why language learning is one of the best “self help” tools you can ever engage with.

Hopefully, this video will help you with your “ups & down” when learning Serbian:

Keep Serbian in your ear

This is a crucial point. Whatever you listen to you will think about. It is not a coincidence that our ears are connected to our head. Our ears and eyes are portals into the mind so keeping Serbian in your ear will keep it in your mind. Listen to a Serbian song. Or listen to the plethora of resources we have on the Serbian Language Podcast website, such as our Audio Stories. Let our Serbian storytellers serenade you. If you have the time to follow along, you can even download the English-Serbian Transcripts so you can practice your reading, listening, and vocabulary building.

Start small in the beginning

Start small in the beginning. Focus on one thing at the time and then slowly implement the other things (we mentioned here) to improve your Serbian. Grow slow and steady and you will be on your way to create the best study plan for learning Serbian language as a self-learner.

In this video I share with you my best tips for learning Serbian:

Have fun

Learning Serbian is a journey. Appreciate the small moments of progress you experience. If you hear one word that you recognize, or complete one exercise correctly, or even if you just complete your 20 minutes of study take the time to pat yourself on the back. Give yourself credit for who you are. Give yourself credit for what you are doing. And most importantly, give yourself credit for who you are becoming. You are now a Serbian language learner. Welcome to the community. Learn Serbian. Have fun!

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