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Learn Serbian With Animated Series - Cam Speaks Serbian

Learn Serbian with our Animated Series “Cam Speaks Serbian”

Have you ever wanted to learn practical Serbian that you can use every day?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a conversation in Serbian? Have you ever imagined yourself going on a fun-filled journey to Serbia (and beyond) speaking in Serbian? Have you ever wanted to learn practical Serbian phrases that you can use every day? Well now you can with the Animated Series “Cam Speaks Serbian” by Serbian Language Podcast.

1. What is “Cam Speaks Serbian”?

Cam Speaks Serbian” is an Animated Series for learning Serbian created by Serbian Language Podcast. It’s a delightful journey with Cam The Broadcaster as he, accompanied by native Serbian speakers, goes on a journey to Serbia…and beyond. This Animated Series is designed to help get you motivated to learn the Serbian language and show you that proficiency is possible even if you are not a native Serbian speaker.

2. What is “Cam Speaks Serbian” about?

The “Cam Speaks Serbian” Animated Series is the story of Cam, a Serbian language learner, and his journey to meet with friends in Serbia. He has to navigate through Serbia speaking in Serbian with his dear friends. The episodes are action-packed, fun-filled, and most importantly, are practical and useful.

3. Where can I watch “Cam Speaks Serbian”?

You can watch the Animated Series “Cam Speaks Serbian” on our YouTube Channel. Here is the full playlist of all the “Cam Speaks Serbian” Episodes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, give us a like, and leave us a comment.

4. How will “Cam Speaks Serbian” help me learn Serbian?

One of the best features of the series is that it contains translations in both Serbian and English. As you watch the series notice the thought bubbles that appear when a speaker is talking. These thought bubbles have the written Serbian of what is being spoken (in the Serbian Latin alphabet), enabling you to practice your listening and reading skills at the same time. If you get a little lost or want some help knowing what is being said, then read the English subtitles at the bottom of the screen. “Cam Speaks Serbian” will help you with conversational Serbian regardless of your level.

The second thing is that every episode is designed to give you a chance to practice your Serbian. In the second part of every episode,  the English subtitles disappear and you can listen and read along (via the character thought bubbles) to the same dialogue/experience the second time only in Serbian. Now you can see what you were able to retain from your first hearing of the dialogue. This is a GREAT way to practice building your fluency and comfort with Serbian!

5. How long are the “Cam Speaks Serbian” episodes?

Each episode is roughly 2-3 minutes long making it the perfect place to start your Serbian language learning journey. It’s low stakes, incredibly fun, humorous, and filled with vocabulary and situational dialogues you can start using today.

6. What is the difference between watching “Cam Speaks Serbian” on YoutTube and on SerbianLanguagePodcast.com?

For the Members of our website (SerbianLanguagePodcast.com) we have the Downloadable Transcripts available for every episode of “Cam Speaks Serbian”. The Transcript contains a Line-by-Line Dialogue in Serbian and English, Vocabulary Sheet, and the Episode Q&A (Questions and Answers) in Serbian and English.

As an added bonus, Premium Members of the Serbian Language Podcast website can access the plethora of other resources we offer, such as Lesson Videos, Grammar Tools, Video Podcasts, Serbian Vlogs, etc).

Watch Episode 01 “Cam Speaks Serbian”

Watch the episodes and learn Serbian with our Animated Series “Cam Speaks Serbian”. We hope you like it and we look forward to having you accompany us on the journey of a lifetime…in Serbian!

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