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Is Learning Serbian Hard?

Is Learning Serbian Hard?

Learning a language can be difficult. What about the Serbian language?

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me “Is learning Serbian hard?” The answer is actually more complicated than the question itself since the answer to the question actually questions the premise of the question. Whew! I know that was a mouthful. See, here’s the thing: we need to define hard. What is hard? What is it about learning Serbian that truly makes it hard?

Is Serbian hard?

What I think you will find is that as you unpack the question a simple truth is revealed: very few things in life are truly hard. But almost everything requires learning. And some things that require learning may come quicker or more fluid than others, but learning was still required. It’s almost as if anything that doesn’t just fall in our laps we categorize as being hard. But is this the best way to look at it? I would argue that it isn’t, and this brings us back to the question “Is learning Serbian hard?”

The short answer

The short answer is “No, it’s not”. Remember, few things are truly hard. Most things just require learning. So it is with Serbian. Stop telling yourself it’s hard. Tell yourself that learning is required. And you CAN learn if your reasons for learning are strong and you have positive self-talk. So many people psych themselves out of striving for their dreams by using language that is not reflective or representative of the whole story.

Taking small steps

Learning Serbian is about taking small steps that are connected to other small steps, the culmination of which leads to a collective whole that is liquid. This is good news because it means every small step you take is connecting you to the other small steps and, inevitably, the collective whole that makes up the language system. And that’s what you are learning: a system.

Take your goal seriously

Be brave and bold as you take steps towards the achievement of your goals. Take your goal of learning Serbian seriously, and don’t talk yourself out of what your heart got you intoYou CAN do this, and if you can…perhaps you should. So the next time someone asks you “Is learning Serbian hard?” tell them what I told you: “No, but learning is required.”

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