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7 Serbian Learning Tips

7 Serbian Learning Tips from Cam “The Broadcaster

Thinking about learning Serbian?

Here are my 7 Serbian learning tips that can help you if you are learning the Serbian language.

If you have ever embarked on a foreign language learning journey, or are getting started for the first time, then I am certain you will agree that language learning is a massive undertaking. Notice my choice of words here. I didn’t say it was hard. I didn’t say it was easy. I didn’t say it was impossible. I said it was massive.

So what exactly do I mean by that? After all, we use the word massive to describe so many things (often with a negative connotation). Seldom is it a word we use to describe language learning. But all things considered, I do think the word “massive” most aptly describes the journey you are on as a language learner. AND, this is a positive thing that you should be proud of. Allow me to explain:

Learning a language requires, among other attributes and aspects, 7 key components:

1. Curiosity about something brand new

When you learn a language you have to exit your own sense of understanding about the world around you and the symbols (through language) you are accustomed to interpreting it through. This deep sense of curiosity instills compassion and a spirit of inquiry that can fuel motivation, connection, and the attainment of your goals.

2. Introspection (progress monitoring and being honest with yourself)

Your Serbian language learning journey will necessitate that you become very honest with yourself. But be careful to make sure that you are continuing to have positive self-talk. Do not be critical of yourself. Additionally, introspection and the ability to look deep within yourself will foster the habit of progress monitoring. How amazing it is when you can track your progress and watch yourself grow in new ways! Your mind is constantly at work, even when you sleep, and language learning will accompany you (even in your dreams)

****Watch the Broadcast “Dreaming in Serbian” to learn more. Before long, the Serbian language will become a part of you. This means you will have more to share, more to give, and more to aspire to.

3. Willingness to experience temporary defeat while learning Serbian

Learning Serbian is not about perfection. It is, however, about the constant pursuit of improvement. You will encounter and experience temporary defeats. For example, you may struggle to pronounce certain words or understand certain grammatical concepts. This is not a failure. Failure is when you refuse to try. Failure is when you give up. Failure is when you tell yourself you can’t do something.

With this in mind, redefine for yourself what it means to fail. Note the difference between failure and temporary defeat. Temporary defeat is when you encounter adversity. And as the adage goes, “Adversity introduces you to yourself”. Assume a growth mindset, reminding yourself that your abilities today are not reflective of your abilities tomorrow.

4. Patience, in tandem with perseverance

As you delve deeper into your language studies you will need to remain patient. Remember, you are learning new ways of expressing symbols and meanings. Wow! Be patient and remember that this is a journey more akin to a marathon than a sprint. And what a noble and powerful journey to be on. Arm yourself with perseverance and resilience. Your temporary defeats and hardships will mold you into a better person IF you use them as fuel for growth rather than reasons to disengage. Be resilient. Be proud of yourself. You CAN do this.

5. Planning

There is no arrival of a final destination without a plan for how you are going to get there. Don’t spin about aimlessly. Make a plan for how you are going to learn Serbian. Need help? Watch “The Broadcastby Serbian Language Podcast where I explain the study and planning tips and tricks that will propel you towards greater comfort and fluency in Serbian.

6. The establishment of a goal (rooted in the “why”)

Know your “why”. Why do you want to learn Serbian? Make a list of reasons. When you find yourself encountering moments of difficulty review your list. Write your goal down on a piece of paper and look at it from time to time. Your goal is your North Star. Don’t lose sight of it. And stay encouraged. Each step you take is taking you closer to it even when it doesn’t feel like it. Trust and KNOW that it is.

7. A language that has the sound of history

Practice your skills. Get on the Serbian Language Podcast website and develop your skills. Do the practice questions at the end of the Lesson Videos. Pause the videos during the “Audio Podcasts” when you want to internalize what you are learning. Above all, assume a disciplined stance as a learner. After all, that’s what you are, a learner. Be a disciplined learner and take your goal seriously. If you do this, you will be rewarded with progress and achievement.

I call these 7 components the Powerful 7 because if you work in harmony with these they will power you towards the achievement of your goals. And here is a big secret: all that you apply to language learning you can apply to live. This is why I often tell people that language learning makes you a better person, a global citizen, and a better thinker.

With all of this in mind, ask yourself what is holding you back and then look at the Powerful 7 to see if there is a key component you want to grow in. I think you will find that as you approach learning Serbian from the prism of self-improvement and an opportunity for growth, you will renew your motivation for starting or carrying on in your language learning journey. What’s more, you are not alone. Join us and learn with us as we bring the Serbian language live to the world. You won’t regret it!

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