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Learning the Serbian Language: The Two Pillars of Success

What are the two most essential pillars of success when it comes to learning the Serbian language?

The Two Pillars of Success

As you embark on your Serbian language learning journey it is essential that you realize your journey requires that you learn two things:

  1. You must learn HOW TO LEARN a language
  2. You must learn the intricacies of the Serbian language

While this sounds incredibly obvious, many language learners overlook the fact that learning HOW TO LEARN a language is different from learning a language. One precedes the other.


For example, going to the gym and saying “I’m going to get a good workout” is very different from actually knowing how to use the machines, the free weights etc. You can’t get a good workout if you don’t have a fluent understanding of what each machine is designed to do, which body part it works, etc. In fact, NOT knowing how to properly use gym equipment is an easy way to get hurt. The same is true for languages.

Language Learning Difficulty

People often think a language is SOOO hard when in reality it isn’t just the language they are having difficulty with. They are also having difficulty with the process of learning HOW TO LEARN a language and this is impeding their growth. This is where people get frustrated, discouraged, and eventually leads to them giving up.

8 Quick Tips On How To Learn A Language

To prevent this from happening to you, here are 8 brief tips on how to learn a language (all of which we have incorporated into the Serbian Language Podcast program):

  1. Understand that results don’t happen overnight. It’s a process. Don’t fall in love with the idea of the future result of being able to speak with fluency. Instead, fall in love with the process of language learning. When a baseball player steps up at bat there is usually a 70% chance they won’t get a hit. And yet they step up to the plate with equal enthusiasm every time. Why? Because they are in love with the game…all aspects of it. As language learners we must have this mindset too
  2. Start by getting your ear accustomed to the language by listening to podcasts and audio stories (both of which we have on our website). This will build your familiarity with the sounds of the language
  3. Dedicate 30 minutes a day to your language study and be consistent. More time is great, but 30 minutes is a great place to start
  4. Watch lesson videos that give you a comprehensive breakdown of how the language works, grammar fundamentals, etc.
  5. Don’t focus on the memorization of words. Focus instead on the internalization of sentence structures. As you internalize how sentence structures works the words will come to you with greater ease because you will be learning what to DO with the words and how to use them and not solely memorize the words for word’s sake.
  6. Keep Practicing
  7. Take private classes to put what you are learning to use
  8. Have fun!

Identify The Problem

If you are having a hard time with language learning, identify what’s causing the problem. It’s usually one of these things – the lack of understanding of the language learning process, poor learning habits or an inadequate learning resource. The 8 quick tips above can help you with the learning process.

Additionally, watch the  “The Broadcast” Show about the Serbian language learning journey of our host Cam who shares some amazing tips for learning Serbian and staying motivated while overcoming learning challenges. This can help you maximize you learning time and fix some poor learning habits. Some of “The Broadcast” videos cover topics like:

And lastly, if you are having difficulty with learning Serbian you might want to try out a new learning resource. We recommend the “Fluent In Serbian” Online Course by Serbian Language Podcast.

“Fluent In Serbian” – Serbian Online Course

This course is designed to help you learn Serbian in just 10 minutes a day with short and engaging video lessons that take you from beginners to advanced. The content is carefully designed for Serbian NON-native speakers and it’s based on a multi-dimensional language learning method. Click here to learn more.


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